Fun Facts about Camp Fire Alaska’s Rural Program!



  1. Camp Fire Alaska’s Rural programs are developed to fit the needs and wants of each community served.
  2. As an agency, Camp Fire’s mission is to allow each child to find the best in themselves and others in a fun and safe environment.
  3. Staff fly in tiny airplanes from 4 to 12 seaters. Last year one of our staff sat next to the pilot and was allowed to fly the plane for a little bit (I’m sure it was in auto pilot folks :))…how cool!
  1. Every year, some staff in some communities are invited to attend a steam bath or travel to a family’s fish camp during time off in the summer months!
  2. Camp Fire’s Rural Program primarily serve the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta (Y-K) region in Southwest Alaska. The Y-K Delta is one of the world’s largest delta systems—it is bigger than the Mississippi Delta, larger than the state of Louisiana, and has only 25,000 residents living in remote communities throughout the region!


  1. Camp Fire’s Rural Program offers summer curricula to promote cold-water safety/swimming skills, healthy food choices, healthy living choices, and mental/spiritual well-being.
  2. Camp Fire’s Rural Program came to be in 1964, that means this year it celebrates 54 years of making a powerful impact on children and Alaska’s communities.
  3. Camp Fire Alaska is the largest childcare provider in the state, this includes the Rural Alaska Program and other programs within Camp Fire.
  4. The Rural Alaska Program served a total of 2126 youth in 2017!
  5. Camp Fire provided 4,101 pounds of produce to Rural Communities in Summer 2017. WOWZA!!!


2 thoughts on “Fun Facts about Camp Fire Alaska’s Rural Program!

  1. Fact #11 Rural staff often report learning as much from our students as they learn from us!

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  2. One of my favorite parts about having a more open curriculum based around health is it is open to exploring the outside world as well! I was able to pick berries a lot with kids last July and it promoted healthy eating but also exploring their world because even walking is exercise! We also picked flowers and pressed them in my field guide. It is important for you to put some of your interests into activities as well, it helps the kids get to know and trust you as well as helping you avoid burn out!


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