Camp Fire Alaska’s Rural Program

Hi there everybody and welcome to Camp Fire Alaska’s Rural Program!  I hope you all are ready to have an amazing season, we are so excited for you to arrive.

The Site

Please take a look around this site as it is helpful tool to answer questions, familiarize yourself with Camp Fire and to be in touch with your leadership team.  All the tabs at the top of the main page cover different subjects and tidbits of information-each of which will help you wrap your mind around this coming season.

Lets briefly discuss the tabs and how they can be used as a tool!  The blog tab highlights exciting and informational happenings at campfire.  From Camp Fire history  to staff reflections out in the communities- its always something intriguing.  The Staff Bios tab will introduce you to your leadership team and the comments section at the bottom of the page is where you will upload you own staff bio.  The Communities tab gives you a brief overview of the communities we travel to from year to year.  Its an awesome place to familiarize yourself with the geographic locations and unique characteristics of each community.  The Important Information tab covers additional details about travel, training, packing, and required documentation.  Within the Required Surveys tab you will find all the surveys we need you to complete as soon as possible, please follow the link embedded into the survey name.  These surveys are the Flight survey, Food Preference survey, and T-shirt survey.  The wellness manual tab is still under construction. Lastly, the FAQ tab!  In this tab you will find a plethora of facts and questions that have come up over the years.  Often times if you have a question, it will be answered here.  If you find that you still have a question, please post it into the comments section of that tab and a response will be given ASAP!

Camp Fire

Camp Fire was founded in 1910 by Luther Gulick, M.D., and his wife, Charlotte Gulick, as the first nonsectarian, interracial national organization for girls in the United States.  Originally functioning as a club group, then began to evolve into 2 week camp programs, and eventually blossomed into what it is now .  Today, the Rural Program provides swimming and cold-water safety instruction and a full range of day-camp activities to children and teens living in Alaska’s rural communities.

The program promotes healthy life skills and choices with activities such as cooking,  creative arts, cooperative games, hikes, teen activities, service projects and community events. Staff come from around Alaska, the USA and the world, adding a valuable cultural exchange experience to the program.


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